Pay only for
What you use.

With Elastyco you can deploy applications and set scaling
after that you will pay only for what you use.

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Pricing Benefits

Pay only for usage

Fast and reliable HPE next generation infrastructure equiped with SSD storage.

Fast and affordable servers

ElastiFast servers at low cost Fast servers at low cost Fast servers at low cost Fast servers at low cost.

Free 10GB SSD disk space

Our dedicated Team is standing by to transfer your existing content from your prior host to our platform.

Pay for what you use

**Our “Pay for What you Use” pricing model consistently results in savings of over 50%, and even more than 75%, of the cost of a comparable fixed resource hosting model. With the eApps PaaS, you pay only for the resources you actually use, up to resource limits that you set. The chart on the right shows the difference between the two pricing models.**

Pay only for what you use

What is Cloudlet

At Jelastic Platform, consumed by container resources are measured in cloudlets - a special measurement unit, which includes 128 MiB of RAM and 400 MHz of CPU power simultaneously.

cloudlet schema

Estimate your cost

128 MB
400 Mhz
HPE SSD Disk Space
0 Gb


  • Free 10GB SSD
  • Free Shared SSL
  • Free 10GB Monthly Traffic
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Free E-mail Monitoring
  • Free Support


  • 3.79$ for Extermal IPv4
  • 0.219$ per 1GB SSD.
  • 0.17$ per 1GB traffic

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